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Group ADP



About Us


Established over 36 years ago, now consist of diverse business operations, unconnected legal entities working together and servicing each others needs. This solidarity has created a a very strong interface and platform in the business world.​ 

Working Together

The Group Consist of a team of Entrepreneurs, always looking at better ways of providing solutions for their international customer base .  Group ADP are always looking for strategic alliances with like minded business entities and Business Owners  and Entrepreneurs to progress the growth of the Group ADP in the UK and Internationally. 

Why Choose Us?

There was a time when the concept of creativity was only associated with writers, painters, musicians and similar people in artistic profession. With the ever-increasing necessity of cultivating a unique identity, The need for creative thinking has transitioned from the arts into everyday business. Group ADP continually introduce new products and services that distinguishes them from competitors in the marketplace. This process require a high degree of creativity in both innovation and marketing.